Hb 1236 Mandatory Lease Renewal Bill Scheduled For Public Hearing

HB 1236 has been scheduled for a public hearing Tuesday, January 26th at 8:00am in the Housing, Human Services and Veterans Committee.


  • Prohibits a housing provider from evicting a tenant or terminating a tenancy unless they meet specific criteria determined by the government.
  • Mandates that a housing provider must renew a fixed-term lease at the end of the term unless the tenancy is in the first year, and the housing provider give 60-days notice that they choose not to renew.
  • Requires the housing provider to offer a reasonable payment plan based on the tenant’s financial circumstances in order to terminate a tenancy or file for eviction.

For a more detailed summary of the legislation click here.

Below are some key talking points about the effects of HB 1236:

  • SB 1236 will end the practical use of fixed-term lease agreements which hurts a tenant’s ability to negotiate with their housing provider.
  • SB 1236 will make it much harder to address tenants who are dangerous or disruptive to other residents in the community, undercutting a housing providers ability to protect the health, safety and welfare of their properties.
  • SB 1236 will disrupt seasonal and student housing, reducing opportunities for tenants who seek to rent units for less than a year.
  • SB 1236 does not preempt local governments. It will remove state protection and allow any local government to mandate that housing providers renew a rental agreement when it ends.

The most effective way to have your voice heard is to provide written testimony today at the link below:  


Provide Your Testimony – Link

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