Cash Back Shopping

Dear WLA Member, 


Part of why you have continued to support WLA is because you trust us. Since we already know that you make good decisions and know how difficult it is for us to continue our fundraising efforts, we are asking you to trust us again by registering for our new online shopping community. This new online community allows you to shop and regular stores you shop at now as well as making travel arrangements. WLA also earns valuable fundraising dollars as a result. 

  • The program is Free to join and we are even giving you $10, loaded directly into your account upon registration so you can start earning and saving right away.

  • All we are asking you to do is register, shop and save. With each purchase you make at all your favorite stores (Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Expedia) YOU earn Cashback and we earn as well.

  • The money we earn does not come out of your Cashback amounts it’s donated to us by the company hosting the program for us.

  • Imagine all the good you can do by doing all your everyday shopping through our new online shopping community!

  • While it’s always better to give then receive, with our new program you get both; Cashback on your own purchases and a donation to us.

This already popular program is beneficial to supporting our cause while saving you money in the process and it’s Free. It’s simple, just register here click on image below and start shopping, earn cash back, and contribute to WLA all at the same time!


There are different membership levels which give different percentages of cash back:  Free, Premium, and VIP.  Premium is $4.95 a month. VIP is $99 a year.  Here is an example for percentage cash back from Home Depot:  Free: 1.8% cash back |  Premium: 5.8% cash back | VIP: 7.8% cash back.


Also, since we are just starting this and Christmas shopping is HERE, we can offer you a FREE one month trial VIP membership so you can earn more cash back!  You must first register through our site: click on image below.  Once logged into your account, go to Account at top right hand side of page, click "Redeem Promo Code" and enter the following: PP307-NUTMDTUJW.  


It's that simple!  Contact Jen Kahler, WLA Office Manager, if you have any questions: 425-353-6929.