Residential Landlord-Tenant Act & Fair Housing Laws

Residential Landlord-Tenant Act

Provided below is a web link to the Washington State Legislature website which contains the full chapter and RCW Dispositions of the Chapter 59.18 Landlord-Tenant Laws.

Washington State Landlord-Tenant Laws

Provided below is a PDF link of the Washington State Fair Housing Laws. The Fair Housing Partners of Washington State have developed this guidebook to assist you in understanding and complying with fair housing laws. We hope you will find this information helpful in your efforts to provide fair housing for all.

City of Seattle Landlord-Tenant Laws

This summary of Washington state and City of Seattle landlord/tenant regulations must be provided to tenants by owners of residential rental property located in Seattle on at least an annual basis. Please note that City and State laws may not be identical on any particular topic; therefore, both sets of laws should be consulted. For legal advice, please consult an attorney. Provided below is a PDF of the laws.

Seattle Landlord-Tenant Laws

Summary of the Washington State Residential Landlord-Tenant Act: Provided by the Volunteers of America (VOA)

Landlords and tenants can use this brochure to quickly familiarize themselves on their rights and responsibilities under the law. This brochure only contains a summary of the law. To read the full Landlord-Tenant Laws or RCWs, please see the first link at the top under 'Residential Landlord-Tenant Act'

Brochure of the Washington State Landlord-Tenant Act (Summary)(need link)