Tenant Screening Report Prices & Descriptions


WLA Report Prices - Per Person:

Note: You must be a WLA Member before running background checks on rental applicants.

To become a member, Click here


If you don't wish to sign up through NTN, then WLA members have the option of running and viewing credit reports through the Everett, Olympia & Bremerton offices.


Everett Office - call: 425-353-6929 | fax: 425-353-7132 | email everett@walandlord.com

Olympia Office - call: 360-350-0753 | fax: 360-252-6803 | email: olympiaoffice@walandlord.com

Bremerton Office - call: 360-479-1683 | fax: 360-479-5611 | email bremerton@walandlord.com


 New report prices will go into effect on July 1st, 2019

$13 Tenant Performance Report (Eviction / Landlord Info)
$25 Decision Point (Tenant Performance Report / Credit Summary – not view)

$25 Decision Point Plus (Tenant Performance Report / Credit Report – YES view)

$40 Decision Point Plus & Washington / Oregon Criminal

$50 Decision Point Plus & Nationwide Criminal

$15 Basic Credit Report

(Members have to come into the office to view the full credit report OR sign up through NTN to become certified.

With NTN certification, you can order credit reports from your home office or have a WLA staff member email the full credit report, password-protected, to you. If you don't become certified or can't make it into our office, then a WLA staff member can send you a credit summary - Decision Point report).

$12 Statewide Criminal

$22 Nationwide Criminal

$10 Social Security Search (Identifies previous addresses)

$13 Landlord Verification

$13 Employment Verification


** Nationwide Criminal includes all 50 states in the nation **
** Statewide Criminal includes Washington State & Oregon **




WLA Report Descriptions

Tenant Performance Report (Eviction and landlord information)

The Tenant Performance and Eviction Report gets to the truth of the matter. Since 1980, the nation's oldest national resident screening company, The National Tenant Network (NTN), has maintained the largest proprietary resident history database in the nation. Not only do they update local eviction filings daily, but they rely on property owners, like you, to provide information about your residents that can be shared across the network with other landlords and property owners.


Included in the Tenant Performance Report:


· Reveals if your tenant has ever been evicted.

· Includes other NTN subscriber experiences with your applicant.

· Lists the state of origin for your applicant's Social Security Number (SSN).

· Contains the NTN National Scan, accurate and reliable information that notifies you of previous

screenings for the Social Security Number.

· Verifies the landlord information, if available, for all addresses on the application.

· Includes National Terrorist Search results.

· Displays tenant-worthy ratings, if information is available.

Decision Point Plus - Transunion (Tenant Performance Report

& Credit Report – yes see report)


NTN DecisionPoint delivers all the same analyses and benefits to our subscribers as NTN
DecisionPoint Plus, with the exception of viewing the applicant's credit report. The applicant's retail credit report is retained in the NTN national system for administrator's eyes only. This is for the small subscriber who does not qualify to receive retail credit reports under the new bureau rules.


NTN DecisionPoint provides all the information you need to make a sound rental decision:


· Customizable rental recommendations to ensure consistent, verifiable procedures for every applicant.

· In-depth credit analysis presented in a simplified, summarized format.

· Subscriber defined resident selection criteria

(e.g., anyone with a score less than 50 = reject; 50 and over = accept).

· Scores are based on an in-depth analysis of credit, eviction and lease violation history.

· Available to subscribers who have not undergone or passed on-site retail credit bureau inspection.
Applicant's retail credit report is not provided for your review.

· Subscribers may define acceptable nuisance collections levels (e.g., applicant with medical collection
less than $100 outstanding = accept, over $100 = reject).

· Comes with proprietary Tenant Performance Profile. Instant rejection letter provided, if applicable.


Credit Report - Transunion (Credit Report - yes see report)


This is the actual credit report. The landlord must be inspected to see this report. Or, the landlord may have WLA process and view in office as done currently.


Additional Report Descriptions

* Social Security Search (Identifies Previous Addresses)

* Employment Verification / Landlord Verification


Please Note: If you are submitting a rental application to one of the WLA offices and you want to have the Employment Verification ran on your applicant, then one of the WLA officers will need to fax in the rental application to NTN. Employment Verification takes a few days to process.)