Tenant Screening Submitting Rental Applications Report Prices and Descriptions

Submitting Rental Applications

Note: You must be an active WLA Member before running background checks on rental applicants. To become a member, please click HERE!

Two Options for Running Background Checks: If you wish to run background checks from your home office, then you can sign up through the National Tenant Network (NTN) OR you have the option of submitting the completed rental application forms for processing to ONE of the four WLA Offices: Everett, Olympia, Bremerton & Tacoma 

Please Note: If you have your own NTN account and can process tenant screening reports on your end, then you don’t need to submit applications to WLA.

​If you wish to go through WLA for screenings, then please read our requirements below for submitting the rental application forms.

Rental Application Requirements

WLA requires a signed and dated Rental Application (signed by the applicant) submitted by an active WLA member or their representative. We also require an Authorization Form and a copy of the picture ID of the applicant. Failure to provide WLA with the updated rental application, authorization form, and a copy of the PICTURE ID will result in the tenant screening report not being processed! These forms are located under FORMS>Tenant Screening Forms. The PDF is titled: 3. WLA Rental Application & Authorization Form – writable. 

IMPORTANT: WE ONLY ACCEPT the UPDATED WLA RENTAL APPLICATION, AUTHORIZATION FORM & the Picture ID of the applicant(s)! We do NOT accept OUTDATED WLA rental applications or NON-WLA rental applications.

Make sure the application and authorization forms are signed by both the applicant(s) and landlord/member. The signature is important because it gives WLA and the landlord permission to run background checks on prospective tenants.

The application forms must include the applicant’s full name, birthdate, FULL social security number, and past or current address. Without this key information, WLA is unable to complete the background check. Note: if you are looking to process a Landlord Verification or Employment Verification, then we need to have that landlord and employer information filled out by the applicant on the rental application

WLA does NOT accept applications or application fees from prospective tenants. Any applications submitted by prospective tenants will NOT be screened. Landlords/Property Managers: Please inform your prospective tenants to give their completed application forms to you, NOT to the WLA offices.

Before submitting applications for processing, please review it to make sure that all the key information is included and that the handwriting is legible.

WLA needs to know exactly which tenant screening reports the landlord wishes to run. If the landlord submits applications to WLA without checking any of the screening report options on the application forms, then the background check will not be processed! We are no longer taking verbal requests over the phone. All tenant screening report requests must be made in writing!

WLA offers several tenant screening report options. Scroll down to review our report prices and descriptions. Please NOTE: Our tenant screening reports DO NOT come with a Credit Score or FICO score.​

The cost of the screening report is per person — Regardless of marital status.

On the top of the rental application, please include the landlord name and contact info so we can call with any questions or concerns involving the screening reports.

Once a rental application(s) has been submitted for screening and processed, then there is no way to cancel that order. You may face a situation where an applicant changes their minds or decides to rent with another landlord. Even if your applicant(s) backs out, we still cannot cancel the order and you will be charged for the screening reports.

Submitting Rental Applications for Screening: Applications can be submitted via email or fax to ONE of the four WLA Offices provided below.

Please note: If you send the same rental application forms to more than one office and it accidentally gets processed twice, then you will be charged twice.

General Turnaround for Reports: The results of the background check can be returned within a 24-48 hour period. The WLA offices are closed on the weekends and Federal Holidays, so any applications submitted afterhours on Fridays or over the weekend, will be processed Monday morning OR the following day if a Federal Holiday falls on a Monday. 

Each WLA office is run by 1 person. Typically, we can have the results of a background check sent back within a 24-48 hour period, but with the high amount of applications and phone calls each office receives, there maybe some delay in getting the results back.


Everett Office

Call : 425-353-6929
Fax : 425-353-7132
Email : everett@walandlord.com
Address : 2302 Rucker Ave. #4, Everett, WA 98201 | Opened M-F from 10am-5pm

Olympia Office

Call : 360-350-0753
Fax : 360-252-6803
Email : olympiaoffice@walandlord.com
Address : 1219 11th Ave SE Suite 101, Olympia, WA 98501 | Opened M-F: 10am-5pm

Bremerton Office

Call : 360-479-1683
Fax : 360-479-5611
Email : bremerton@walandlord.com
Address : 645 4th Street, #204, Bremerton, WA 98337  Opened Monday: 9am-5pm | Tuesday - Friday: 10am-5pm

Tacoma Office

Call : 253-314-5241
Fax : (253) 944-9070​
Email : tacoma@walandlord.com
Address : 4301 Pine Street, Suite 90, Tacoma, WA 98409 Hours: M-F, 10am-5pm


  • $15 Tenant Performance Report (Shows any Landlord/Tenant Civil Court Filings – Including Evictions & Lease Violations) 
  • $28 Decision Point Plus (Applicant Score* / Tenant Performance Report / Basic Credit Report / OFAC Search aka Terrorist Database Search) – Does Not Include A Criminal Report 
  • $42 Decision Point Plus & Washington / Oregon Criminal (Applicant Score / Tenant Performance Report / Basic Credit Report / OFAC Search aka Terrorist Database Search) 
  • $52 Decision Point Plus & Nationwide Criminal (Applicant Score / Tenant Performance Report / Basic Credit Report / OFAC Search aka Terrorist Database Search) 
  • $16 Basic Credit Report*** – Through TransUnion. Does NOT provide a Credit Score.
  • $15 Statewide Criminal – Washington/Oregon**
  • $25 Nationwide Criminal** 
  • $12 Social Security Search (Identifies previous addresses based on the social security number) 
  • $15 Landlord Verification – Verifies landlord listed on the rental application – done by phone. 
  • $15 Employment Verification – Verifies employer listed on the rental application – done by phone. 

***A note about the Basic Credit Report: Per Federal Law, we are unable to send the full credit
report to you. However, we are allowed to go over the results of the full credit report with you over
the phone. The physical report can not leave the WLA office.
** Nationwide Criminal includes all 50 states in the nation **
** Statewide Criminal includes Washington State & Oregon **
**Criminal Reports go back 7 years**
*Applicant Score – The Applicant Score ranges from 0-100 of whether to accept or reject the applicant.
The score is based on the credit report – the more bad debt someone has, the lower the score will be. Bad
debt is considered to be collections, bankruptcies, judgments, late payments and evictions. The Applicant
Score is only provided in the Decision Point Plus reports.

WLA Report Descriptions

Tenant Performance Report (Shows any Evictions & Lease Violations)

The Tenant Performance and Eviction Report gets to the truth of the matter. Since 1980, the nation’s oldest national resident screening company, The National Tenant Network (NTN), has maintained the largest proprietary resident history database in the nation. Not only do they update local eviction filings daily, but they rely on property owners, like you, to provide information about your residents that can be shared across the network with other landlords and property owners.

Included in the Tenant Performance Report:

  • Reveals if your tenant has ever been evicted.
  • Includes other NTN subscriber experiences with your applicant.
  • Lists the state of origin for your applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Contains the NTN National Scan, accurate and reliable information that notifies you of previous addresses
  • Screenings for the Social Security Number.
  • Verifies the landlord information, if available, for all addresses on the application.
  • Includes National Terrorist Search results.
  • Displays tenant-worthy ratings, if information is available.

Decision Point Plus

(Applicant Score / Tenant Performance Report / Basic Credit Report / OFAC Search aka Terrorist Database Search)

NTN Decision Point Plus provides all the information you need to make a sound rental decision:

  • Customizable rental recommendations to ensure consistent, verifiable procedures for every applicant.
  • In-depth credit analysis presented in a simplified, summarized format.
  • Subscriber defined resident selection criteria (e.g., anyone with a score less than 50 = reject; 50 and over = accept).
  • Scores are based on an in-depth analysis of credit, eviction and lease violation history.
  • Available to subscribers who have not undergone or passed on-site retail credit bureau inspection.
  •  Subscribers may define acceptable nuisance collections levels (e.g., applicant with medical collection less than $100 outstanding = accept, over $100 = reject).
  • Comes with proprietary Tenant Performance Profile. Instant rejection letter provided, if applicable.

Credit Report - Transunion (Basic Credit Report*)

This is the actual credit report. The landlord must be inspected to see this report. Or, the landlord may have WLA process and view in office as done currently.
​*A note about the Basic Credit Report: Per Federal Law, we are unable to send the full credit report to you. However, we are allowed to go over the results of the full credit report with you over the phone or in the office. The physical report can NOT leave the WLA office. The credit report does NOT come with a credit score or FICO score.