National Tenant Network Portal

Members, please log into your NTN account
by using the portal located below.

  • WLA members who wish to run background checks from their home office can set up an account with NTN and login through the above portal. 
  • If you do not have an NTN account yet, please visit to set up your account. Once you have established an account with NTN, return here to login so that you may receive the discounted rates offered to our members.
  • **HINT** After you set up your account with NTN, bookmark the portal page. This will allow you to return to the NTN login portal without having to sign into the WLA website first.


For members who do NOT wish to set up an NTN account: 


If you do NOT wish to set up an NTN account, then you can go through

 1 of the 4 WLA Offices to run background checks. You will need to submit the completed (1) WLA Rental 

Application & (2) Authorization Form along with (3) a copy of the applicant(s) picture ID for screening.


The required documents will need to be filled out completely by BOTH the landlord and the applicant(s)

We also require that the applicant(s) signs and dates both forms. The signature gives the landlord and 

WLA permission to run a background check on the applicant. Without the signature, WLA is unable to do 

the background check.


At the top of the rental application form, please indicate which tenant screening reports you wish to run 

on your applicant(s). We accept the required documents via email or fax. We ask that you only send the 

required documents to only one WLA office so the screening doesn’t get processed more than once.