Protecting our landlords from bad legislation is the driving force behind PAC. As a member of WLA, we are asking you to double-down on the security of your rental housing investment by making a contribution to the WLA PAC. Our PAC is funded by voluntary contributions. Our success is determined by your generosity.

An influx of bad legislation was enacted against landlords in the past year - “First in Time,” Move-in Fee Caps, Source of Income. WLA has been fighting for your rights as a landlord, and for real solutions to the real housing issues our State faces. Our government advocacy team’s efforts, however, are most successful when we have the right candidates in office. In 2016 Your Support Enabled WLA PAC to:

• Support 36 candidates for office, 30 of whom won.

• Maintain a split legislature, ensuring legislative compromise and preserving the rent control ban.

• Build and expand relationships with leadership in both caucuses in the State Legislature.

• Create a new “Rental Housing Caucus” in the House of Representatives

The stakes are high in this Fall’s elections. Our State Legislature, currently split, could turn to one-party rule. Regardless of your political stripes, such an outcome would be disastrous for landlords as it would swing the door wide open to overturning the State’s ban on rent control. We need to keep that split - look no further than Oregon where a partisan legislature has taken steps to overturn its rent control ban.

Local races are also critical as we look for friends who will stop the spread of Seattle’s anti-landlord agenda. Source of Income has spread from to outlying suburbs, removing landlords’ ability to exercise fair judgment to determine if an applicant has adequate income. Restriction on what you charge for a security deposit and forcing you to rent to the first applicant, could be next.

Our cause as an organization is being challenged by a strong current of anti-landlord rhetoric. WLA’s PAC is our best opportunity to change this climate by educating and electing candidates who understand what it means to be a landlord, and appreciate the services we provide for our community.

Please help us support our cause with a contribution to PAC! ◊

To make a donation, please use the form below or contact Katrina Christoffersen at 425-353-6929

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